General Slowdowns

new delhi
Airtel Xstream
Creating this thread to document general slowdowns with the internet.

local speedtest result show full speed and there is no packet loss but for some reason websites are not loading up properly. example - youtube, twitch, this forum itself, facebook etc.

International speedtest results are messed up. getting 20Mbps down to gtt frankfurt server, 50Mbps to singtel singapore server. So something is definitely wrong on excitel's end.

Using google and cloud fare's dns service.

Edit - Instagram, imgur and reddit is not loading up properly as well
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Try downloading some file hosted on Indian servers. Also if you want to do speedtest, do it on servers other than Excitel and peered networks.
Try speedtest on Bharti Airtel , Tata Sky etc.
what's the point of doing speed tests on peered networks? That won't be a real-world use case.
I did some speed tests on GTT London, all going well (96%+ of rated speed) for me. I'm on fiber btw.
Strange enough, all monitoring systems are showing normal status for all services: including Peerings, ILL, Caching at this very moment.

Did you check if the problem is not related to your own setup/router/home?

Anyone else facing similar issues?
It happened for 30mins - 1hour when i posted this thread so around 1.30PM IST and then it got fixed on its own. Its been working fine since then.