Get a Static IP or stick with CGNAT?

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New Delhi, India
Hello everyone. New user here.
(Airtel 300 Mbps plan)

Ever since I got transferred to CGNAT pool, I can't host or connect to some of my friends(vice versa) in online multiplayer games. I am thinking of getting a static IP to rectify that, but seeing some comments on this forum is making me have second thoughts.

Some people mentioned that they have trouble connecting to some websites, and some are even blocked on static IP. I already requested for a Static IP from Airtel (New Delhi), should I cancel the request? Also, since the request was places few hours ago, I cannot connect to some websites, which work just fine on mobile data. Could this be related to the Static IP request?

Please give your suggestions. Many thanks.
Since, you have already requested for it, then use it for the month or a week. It is prorated anyway, and make your decision.
Not like it costs a lot.