Getting a new connection at Mahim, Mumbai...

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okay update -- now im getting the adsl signal... the led is lighting up and flickering and all that... but still there's no internet because it's not been configged. i called the guy and he said he'd come and config it, but he didn't turn up today. so it's either tomorrow, or i guess monday since tom is a saturday...


so i'm wondering... is there a standard issue configuration to be performed with the modem/router? i believe the variables are only going to be my phone number (if i have to use that anywhere as a login or password). i.e. can i config the line on my own and not count jap till the famed mr. yadav decides to grace my place with his final presence...?

U can try your hand at it, some entries are same like Username (Your Tel No) & your Password (your CA number, Customer Identification number). This available on your tel bill. VPI should be 0 (zero) and VCI as 32 & the user guide is available Technical Details which give the setting up. Best of luck. Even if you screwup you can always reset the modem & wait for them 😗😀
heh.. awesome.. yes, i was looking for something like this.killer stuff. thanks!but im going out tonight so i'll only be able to try these stunts once i get back which is probably 4amzzz 😕
There is definetely no rental for the modem on unlimited plans as my bill this month did not charge me a rental after my change of plan
@drmulchandani that's good to hear!

@socrates i'm gonna try to config this thing now.. i slept after i got back home last.. this morning


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It's on!!!!!!!!!! And it's faaaaaast!!

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Just posted this in another relevant thread, but I think I should also post it here.

FYI: I did not go via the normal wired LAN configuration method. I turned on the router. Connected to the WiFi network directly. Went into the admin area and configged the thing. Voila, WiFi + Internet is up!

The connection is working fine, but only on one PC - this Windows 7 PC that I used to config the router. My iMac is my primary machine and the other frequently used machine is my mom's laptop. While both of them can see and get onto the wifi network, they are unable to access the internet (there's no globe icon over the network icon).

Vista on the iMac (yeah) gets on the WiFi. When I tried to diagnose and repair connection, it said there's nothing wrong with it. WTF! I have no internet! That's what's wrong with it!

Is there any setting in the admin thing to enable more than one machine to access the internet?


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Okay.. non-issue.. got this working.

Restarted the router once. Turned off the Netgear (Hathway) router. iMac connected, Win7 PC connected, PS3 connected and so is the XP laptop.

I must point out that I had to switch from "Use Windows to manage my wireless connection" to the third-party mode on the Win7 PC and the laptop (both use Netgear wireless devices - WG111 and WG311 respectively). I had to use the Netgear Smart Wizard thingie to find and connect to the network, after which everything is happy happy joy joy.

Thank you all for your help, especially @socrates !!



Do I have to go to for anything? I don't have any username/password or any document at all for that matter....:huh:
To login first time, User name is your tel no. & paswd id CA no. It might be mentioned in your modem user guide, if not then go to Technical Details -> Users Guide for D-Link Modem (PDF). This one contains the details 🙂. Its best to change the passwords, both have to have the same paswd. First change in the website then on the modem. You can check your DL usage here.
@socrates this didn't work. I keyed in my phone number and CA number but it says my phone number is incorrect, which doesn't make any sense...