Getting very low speeds on Reliance Jio Fiber

i m in 399 plan and i m getting less than 2.5 MBps somewhere range between 1.4-2.5 MBps on idm,flactuating since last one or two days.what should i do.i cant connect to lan as my device has no ethernet port and i dont have ethernet adapter
it first it will be like 3.7 and then decrease and come down to 1.4-2.5 more number of customer will get fiber connection their server will suck anyway.
Use 4K video downloader and see if it helps. It accelerates the same way as IDM
Speeds are absolutely fine here, why don't you contact the CC or live chat as they have auto speed test and would detect the slow speed and raise a complaint by itself.
Could be a fault in your wiring as well.
@Siddharth070999 If Jio starts sucking in the future even Reliance Industries knows very well that there are thousand other telcos to not bother about them. The realisation came to them after all the datacenters threw Reliance's leased line(s) out of their buildings after the downtime and packet loss issues (Kind of shocking to see this on a leased line and it was over all the DC's like CtrlS/ESDS/Everywhere).

Try contacting their CC and hopefully they will fix your issue as this time they really are customer greedy and want to offer them something instead in return at the same time as well which is a new from Reliance.

I do not think they want to repeat the same mistake that they had done with their WiMax service(s). Such an utter failure.
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