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MTNL Triband + TATA night u/l
Hi all.Called Sify this morning cause Network cable unplugged error was coming.I called them around 1pm.Around 5.30 their technician came and fixed the error(Port had gone bad or something on the terrace)..I get good speeds throughout the day and night.Very pleased with their service.If only their pings were better 🙁 Just thought I' post this since everyone posts their bad experiences..but hardly see any post about a good experience.
happy to see that ur happy with sify. had a bad experince with them.even my cablewalla tells me not to go for sify.neways best of luck with sify. :lol: 😀
Nowadays they are a lot active. i dont know how but my speed have been constant over the days and not an fall in it. I think they are improving. We should give them a chance guys. What say
their network model is flawed and relies on unqualified people.. that in itself is enough of a reason not to opt for sify.. the quality of service will vary from place to place and will depend on the kind of people employed by your local cto.. maybe they should stop branding their services under the name of sify bb and let the local cto's name them themselves.. that way gullible people won't be conned into buying their crappy service after relying on the brand name alone... 🙄

rightly said hope sify reads ur post.maybe then more people will opt for sify.
I think Sify should force their CTO's to put wireless network in place instead of wired LAN....
i think if they want to continue to offer sify branded internet all over india, they should have their own professionals man the networks and not let the ctos hire their own under qualified staff as is prevalent now. when i was using sify, they switched me to wireless but the person they sent to configure my network couldn't troubleshoot it. and also isn't wireless technology line of sight? i think adsl is a much better option but considering the costs involved i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon..
QUOTE(boygr8 @ Nov 3 2006, 10:38 PM) [snapback]67657[/snapback]
I think Sify should force their CTO's to put wireless network in place instead of wired LAN....

and consumer would have to buy a wireless network card and probably a reciever?