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Google updates Google Apps for Your Domain
Search engine giant Google has announced a major upgrade to their recently launched service Google Apps for Your Domain.
This new upgrade would make the service easier for large corporations to use. The company added that they have two new customers for the product: Arizona State University and Clarin.
The company [...]
Avaya to add its IP Office product to Google Apps Premiere Edition
Avaya has said in a statement that it plans to develop communications solutions for small businesses. This would combine the upcoming Google Apps Premier Edition suite of Web applications with their IP telephony technology.
They plan to offer this combined solution to its network of [...]
Google launches Google Apps Partner EditionSearch engine giant Google continues to expand the availability of their Google Apps services which comes loaded with a couple of office productivity tools, calendar appliance and other utilities.The company has now launched their Google Apps Partner Edition which has been optimized for ISPs and Web portals.The tool set includes [...]

Google Apps Partner Edition Launched
Google Apps would now be recommended by technology consultancy Capgemini Technology consultancy Capgemini is likely to announce that they would now begin recommending Google’s online suite of office software to their corporate customers. This should help Google as they are now likely to gain some more enterprise customers which would boost the popularity of their online suite. The [...]

Google Apps would now be recommended by technology consultancy Capgemini

Google Apps gets A-OK On-Demand authentication serviceArcot Systems has announced that they are now offering their A-OK On-Demand authentication service to the users of the Google Apps Premier Edition users.This feature would add another layer of security to the logon process on the Google hosted service.With this technology, an encrypted file that is stored on [...]

Google Apps gets A-OK On-Demand authentication service