GTPL 2020 review - (gtpl uses jio fiber backend)

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I couldn't find any good review of gtpl on internet which is very weird so I just got this connection and here is the review.

gtpl is owned by hathway and hathway by jio.

Surprisingly some sites I googled which should be blocked on jio were working - , and No DNS Hijacking.

If you use jio post some blocked site list.

Plan - 40 mbps

tracert from gtpl to broadbandforum.PNG


P.S. p0rn sites are blocked though, no blocked message just connection reset error.

And no ipv6
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I had to choose between act and gtpl. Airtel offer unlimited for 799 here but it is not available so next option was act but they have FUP, Airtel offers unlimited for same price act offers only 500 gb.

Gtpl has two option fiber and ethernet (fttn) (fiber to building).

Fiber is available if you opt for 50+ Mbps plans for upto 40 mbps plans ethernet is offered (fttn). No other price difference between fiber and ethernet.

Installation and router is free with 6 months plans.

For trial I opted for 3 months 40 mbps unlimited plan Rs 1770 + Rs 600 = Rs 2370 including GST router (new router TP-Link is sold not rented) as there were not many positive reviews available.

They don't advertise these 3 months plan so you have to ask them. If this connections is stable and I have to stay here for long after 3 months I would upgrade to fiber.

Sales person told me their network has become more stable after jio acquired them, I had doubts but they are really using jio's backend.

gtpl ping data.webp

There is some packet loss but pings are pretty stable even when I was saturating connection to full speed. Because of lockdown installation couldn't be done properly and I needed internet connection urgently so hmm there is that.

yeah a lot of begging but well finally. I am new here and there is communication barrier because of local language. I paid for this connection before lockdown so it took a month to finally get it installed.

Gtpl outsource installation so their sales team cannot get shit done from them and in normal circumstance I would have shown them the middle finger and get ACT but oh well.

Wiring done is really unprofessional but I badly needed internet for work so have to work with whatever I can get.

Because of all these I have lost so much money.

@sanke3 its CG-NAT ipv4 only.
Well if you don't need to port forward then CG-NAT is fine for 99% scenarios. But I fall in the 1% who cannot do with CG-NAT.