GTPL 2020 review - (gtpl uses jio fiber backend)

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so speed issue was fixed few hours of creating ticket through app but I didn't got any notification about ticket solved/closed so not sure what happened. Ticket is not showing in app anymore 🤷‍♂️


Weird issue with google servers, so I thought there is some issue with line which was causing packet loss as I was pinging Local gateway doesn't accept ICMP

Decided to check with and there is no packet loss, same with ISP DNS.

This same packet loss is happening with youtube too.

Anyone else experiencing issue with google servers?

gtpl dns ping loss.PNG
Saturation of the peering link which connects to Google? I've observed similar behavior with Kerala Vision as well, Google traffic was having packet loss, but some other traffic didn't show any packet loss.
after about 2 weeks. Only faced minor timeouts which usually gets fixed after restarting router and getting a new ip 🤷‍♂️

google peering messed up.PNG

(without VPN) so this is really messed up youtube freezes a lot, other stuff works fine. Now testing with vpn.
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an update about support.

So a switch on rooftop stopped working and connection was down. A day before connection was very unstable almost unusable.

After calling and emailing them in morning when connection was completely down, they replaced the switch within 1-2 hrs.


Connection quality is shit though too much packet loss for my liking.
Are you getting full 40 Mbps down and 20 Mbps upload?
How is stability?

Is it good for working from home?

We needed You Broadband but they are not offering FTTH and GTPL also offering connectivity over Ethernet only.

Airtel is not providing as well.

Internet here is Gujarat is really sick.
Down -36 , up - 20 check first page for speedtest results. No complains about speed, even if I use VPN of US, EU server download speed is full.

Stability is a bit issue, too much random packet loss usually gets fixed after restarting. Some issue with google networks for this I use vpn.

Check ACT they are expanding rapidly here but plans are shit as even airtel offers unlimited for 799.

GTPL is the main provider here . If they have upgraded their infra in your area, it should be usable.

Let me know if you want to check some pings or something.
i am asking this just because you have mentioned gtpl uses jio backend.

i have multiple people from gujrat and rajasthan complaining that jiofiber has high ping during day time

Do you have that?