Hard Disk Problem.. Can Anyone Help?

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Recently i got a 200 gb Seagate 7200.10 Harddisk from Lamington road for 3500bucks.I initially formatted it on my friends PC. Also copied a few softwares from his drive. After using it on my pc i noticed that the the windows installation went through easily but after that i cudnt read any files from the Hard disk properly. So i repartitioned on my PC again but after that i recognized that my motherboard didnt show the hard disk space. It shows only 150 gb instead of 185gb(15gb less u get in 200gb, u dont get the whole space anyways). Also after countless efforts of partitioning my HDD still i get the same problem.Can anyone help ? any kind of suggestion is surely welcome..
non sp2 xp showed 160 gig drive as 132 gig instead of around 150 gig. sp2 solved the problem for me. maybe this would help u...
winxp(H or P) with sp2 integrated is the best in paid OS ...
i disagree.. it prevents me from having freedom to do whatever i want to do on my computer.. however im happy it works well for u 🙂 i started using ubuntu two months ago and never looked back.. first windows was stripped of all partitions and then relegated to a 5 gb one and then wiped off my hard drive.. now i have just ubuntu installed 😀 im thinking about installing osx on it again though

i mean as compared to any paid os too 😛 u can pay for ubuntu too.. but i know what you mean.. offtopic, im not against an os being paid for, afterall an organisation has to make some profit.. but what about those people that cannot pay for an os? ppl like me whose a student.. it would take about three months of my pocket money to buy a single windows xp licence.. and that would leave me without money for other expenses.. my point being that i cannot afford windows xp.. and what does microsoft do to provide an alternative operating system for third world countries? it introduces a so called light version of windows xp that is crippled and does not allow a user to take full control of his hardware.. i know alternative operating systems like linux have a long way to go; it took me a lot of configuring and googling to make my ubuntu have the same level of functionality as windows which i realize would not be possible for a new user.. but they are on the right track.. open office too has come a long way from before and now is comparable to ms word in funtionality.. the bottomline is my computer stays windows free.. so far i've resisted the tempting way - log on to a torrent site, get a torrent for vista and download it 😛
Bhinder ... cool it man !!I am talking of paid OS. I know there are thousands of distros of linux which are free. But when I talk of Paid OS I am not debating on the features they give when they are in Paid category. So if the OS is costing ... well agreed and we keep it in that paid category and respect it that it is a paid OS.Just see this example:Linspire - The World's Easiest Desktop Linux Costs $ 59.95MS XP - Costs say $100so which one will you buy???Atleast I will repect Linspire and accept that a Linux version is in Paid category and not crib about that.And for sure I will buy winxp !!I hope this clears the talk on paid OS and free OS. Talking of features is a separate topid and value for money is different !!!
i wasnt trying to compare ubuntu or any other distro to a paid os.. i understand wat u meant.. i was just writing the reasons for my preference 🙂