Has anyone been able to successfully load balance Jio Fiber with any other ISP?

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Jio Fiber
If Yes, what is your setup? And which load balancer are you using?

Any specific issues you faced during setup? What is your primary connection? Does STB work even after the setup?

Yes, in our office we are using a Sophos firewall, with JioFiber and Blazenet as Load Balancer, the service works fine, and website that can make use of multiple connections will give the maximum speed that is combined speed of the two, main reason we are using load balancer, is because we needed lower ping at all times, as our work is sensitive to that, obviously if you use load balancer, you won't be able to use the Jio STB, but you can configure your JioSTB in your firewall, so that it only uses the JioFiber connection, that is how we making use of it here.
I won't be able to help you with the config of other firewalls but the rule level should be the same, where your STB rule level would be higher than load balancer, but lower than your dns, if your are using login services too.