Hathway Chennai - 50mbps unlimited -retention plan

Hi guys
Got call from hathway retention team to recharge my bb. I asked for 50mbps unmetered and they said it is available and priced 595/month. So I said okay to activate and after plan gets activated I saw fup 700gb on mobile.

I called up cc and they confirmed the same. I got furious and emailed TN appellate and got the following response.


I asked whether I will get 50mbps post fup and this was the reply. I know the person in the other has FUB rather than fup. Has anyone got the same? Can anyone confirm the same.

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So Hathway is doing the same upload speed capping shit like the parent company Jio.
Since 1 week they have gone total retard and why the fuck is everyone following Jio like sheep when it comes to upload speed?
Hathway Mumbai retention plan is better at Rs 598 for 1200 GB data.
Till last week, I used to get 8-9 Mbps upload speed on my 50 Mbps plan. Now I get exact 5 Mbps upload speed.