HD dth connection required

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i already have airtel dth , but as today i got 40 inch es 6200 , i need new hd dth
should i switch airtel dth hd? or anything better is available , videocon ad says it has most hd channels , is it true? what about monthly costs , please advise
I personally recommend Videocon to every body. Prices are low. Quality of customer service is pretty good.
Don't have a HD TV at home. 🙂 But my dad's CRT is connected to a HD STB from Videocon 😛
i had a regular stb box. remote went bad. i called for a new remote. they told me about an offer. pay for a year in advance, get a free upgrade to hd box. i said fine.
dad does not want to change tv. so basically, he is using the hd stb on his crt.
I too have Airtel HD, I would suggest you change, even I am planning to switch soon, Airtel is getting costlier day by day and also their packages no longer suits me. ( Ex,just to get ESS channels the minimum base pack is of Rs.350, where as individual channel costs 50 each) Also lack of HD content when compared to Dish and Videocon D2h, they even removed ESPN HD and Star Cricket HD too.

now the problem starts , i have 2 airtel dth at home , as multi connections for 2nd tv, now if i change only 1 dth to any other company hd then 2nd will become pricey as it will be a stand alone , right now 2nd connection is for 160 rs flat only.
if i change both connection then i will have to pay for stb too for both now. what to do :-(
If u are a sports fanatic I would suggest Videocon as they have all the sports channel in HD where as Dish Tv does not have STAR cricket and ESPN HD. Every company has multi tv schemes chose which one suits ur budget. I have no idea about the prices. If u are satisfied with Airtel stick to it. End of the day its a personal choice depends on the channels you and your family watch and also the cost. HD quality is more or less same in all the DTH, its from the broadcasters end. Videocon HD MAX package is around 500 i suppose where as DISH TV is 599. In airtel the highest pack with all HD channels is close to 600.