Help diagnosing issue with wifi roaming

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My current setup is as follows: I have a bsnl broadband connecting to an Iball ibaton 150M wireless-n adsl2+modem router (@ in bridge mode, and an archer c6(@ in router mode setup in PPPoE. the archer c6 covers the first floor of my home. I have run a cat 6 cable from the archer c6 to another Iball modem router(@ same model as the main modem in bridge mode, on the ground floor which is in AP mode (DHCP disabled).
I have configured both the archer c6 and the iball in AP mode with the same SSID, password, and security protocols(WPA2-PSK, AES) so as to have a seamless handoff when I move around while using my phone. I'm using a OnePlus 7 pro.

here's the scenario. when I'm connected to the archer c6 when I'm in the same room as the router, it connects to the 5 GHz band. when I leave the room, it will switch to 2.4 GHz. and when I go downstairs, the phone switches to the AP downstairs seamlessly (not even a stutter in video call on duo most of the time). Now, if I come back upstairs, the phone switches to the 2.4 GHz of the archer c6 and switches to the 5 GHz as i enter the room, here is the problem. I have connectivity as in I can send/receive texts or browse the web, but it's like something is messing up the bandwidth. youtube doesn't load, cannot make video calls and a speed test at this point gives me 0.07-0.1 Mbps in place of 8.2 - 8.3 Mbps download speed I should actually get. I have to wait around a couple of minutes before I get proper connectivity . if i go downstairs again and the phone switches AP, the network is fine.
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