Help with Port forwarding, FTP

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Hi Experts,
i really need your help and some step by step instructions on this.
i am desperate to setup a SFTP on Jiofiber network.
My current setup -
Jiofiber router
connected to Archer C5 through LAN (thts to get 5ghz speed)
a hard drive connected to Archer C5, for FTP, which i can easily use within network.
Issue - I want to access the hard drive outside my network.
if needed i can move the hard drive from Archer to the Jio router too..

i have tried all means and looked up online, but i am unable to find a way. i guess due to NAT restrictions, and port forwarding restrictions from JIOfiber, it is very difficult, However i also know tht it can be done through VPN and some additional tricks.
There are too many tutorials online, but i have been unable to sort this out.. so need an expert opinion. i know it is totally possible.. and seek help.