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Hello IBF folks,

This is a very naive question as it sounds, but I need your help.

I am using Airtel broadband services and my IP address assigned is a dynamic public one. I want to configure my router such that the original public IP gets changed and that will be applicable across devices in the whole network. I am open to options like different proxy servers/VPNs or others but cannot decide on what to choose so that the overall internet pings, stability, and speed don't degrade much since I mostly play online games and need a stable connection during the day.

I would really appreciate it If anyone suggests to me which one of the techniques to proceed with (from above) considering that has been tried and tested by the other person already. Any suggestions are also welcome.
Games will degrade with VPNs. Please don't be in any illusion it wont. Latency and speeds will be affected negatively. All VPN affect speeds especially because India does not host any local nodes since June after the Govt. order. Things were better with local ndoes but no matter what you do an impact will be there.

The assigned IP can be changed if you reboot the router (simplest solution) or login to the router disconnect the PPPoE connection and reconnect.
You can always host a low-cost VPS in your nearest Geolocation VPS regarding the VPN. But yeah, the government can track it, as all cloud service providers by law are required to give out tenant details. But for basic privacy, you can use it.

I see that you have Bengal as address, you can use Kolkata VPS provider or any nearest one for VPN setup. This will be enough to hide your Original IP Address.
Some proxies will also get your work done, but I have not studied them much. Proxies would still be faster than a traditional VPN of any protocol from what I know about them