PUBLIC IP Address Allocation is Mad


I got banned!
Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
I live in Barabanki, city next to lucknow, and I have airtel fiber through LCO, since past 20 days, I am not getting an IP of Lucknow, I am getting IP of Chennai, New Delhi, Bhopal, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar and so on but not Barabanki or Lucknow, what is the issue?
Limited ipv4, be glad airtel is still giving out public IPs. It won't continue for long, in the end people will be moved to CGNats and then you may get lucknow or barabanki IP
@a.c what is the benefit I am getting by these IPs? And what is the drawback of CGnat?
@JB701 except I get ads related to that city, youtube videos related to that city.
Yeah. But anyways to get this thing removed? What will CGNat do? Can you explain please? Language over internet is too much technical.
Ok so, suppose you order something online and get it delivered to your home now the delivery man comes and hands the parcel over to you directly - this is the case with public IP it means that your internet protocol address is visible to everyone outside your network meaning taken directly interact with your router

Talking about CG NAT , you live in a big society where there is a law that no one knows yours exact room number and can only deliver it to the main gate where there is a security personnel who signs all the deliveries on your behalf and gets it delivered to your exact room number- in this case your ISP has a master router at its place from where all of the public traffic ( inbound and outbound) gets routed through the master router and then gets to your router , this can be problematic when someone is trying to reach you directly