How Is Mtnl Broadband ? Help Me Decide

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hi there,i am soon going to switch to mtnl broad band from (horrible) tata indicom BB ....can you people please help by giving your feedback on mtnl?i am planning to take 256 kbps NU plan......hows the billing and connectivity of this plan there is 1 gb of download limit ...will it workout ?i am into 3d graphics and animation...please give me your suggestions on this ...thanks.... 🙂
its good in 590 nu plan u need to reboot router at 00:00 and 08:00 hrs or will hav billing problemsspeeds are consistent and connection is reliable once u set it up properly
MTNL broadband is good except at support levels [for complex issues]. As long as you are connected you get what you pay for.Please see my other posts about MTNL Triband.
its good and reliable on the whole just pray that u never get a complex issue..coz then u have to tear ur hair out to get it resolved..
its good. its reliable. speeds are stable. excepting the CC which is okish. id suggest you go with the 590NU plan. it rocks 🙂
naa if u want to download download and downlaod go for 590 Nu plan.....else only email and orkut stuff go with 200p plan or even zero rental scheme!Triband speed is good and stable!BTW Tata has unlimited plans check out.....

mtnl is a good service provider , downtime is less and speed at par for good browsing and small not get fooled by 2 mbps offer as it is in limited plans only and has an upto clause attached meaning if you do not get what is promised --you cannot complain..other isp in comparison is airtel which has similar service..and installation charges are 500/- in comparison to 2300/-of mtnl.if you are not into movie downloads and p2p stuff like torrents, kazaa, emule mtnl is good..and as is one provides the speeds they say no matter what so expect less than what is promised be it mtnl/airtel/any other...though mtnl has good service as internet works most of the time, my friends and myself never seen a downtime in last 3 months or is similar and definitely cheaper..thats what i heard from my friends though never been on airtel myself..if you have an option for airtel unlike me , go for it..
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BTW Tata has unlimited plans check out.....[/b]
Its better NOT to have any kind of connectivity than go for TATA. TATA SUCKS BIG TIME! 😛
@torrentguru2300Rs installation for MTNL?! From where did u get that figure?Its just 300Rs with own modem and 800 with MTNL modem.and yes even i do not recommend tata