How long does Airtel take to disconnect for non payment?

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My due date was 25th last month and I haven't paid till now. This is because I had a downtime for one week this cycle and I spent more than 1000Rs on 3G services to make up for the lost internet connection, and I don't intend on paying till I get disconnected, and then maybe I'll try to explain these stubborn people why I didn't pay.
I know this is not a good idea, but I pay about 2.5k every month and despite several calls to the CC, they didn't heed to my requests to restore the line, eventhough it was a fairly easy job for them. If this is the way they treat their customers, why should I pay my bills on time? And btw, the line got restored back to normal on its own, and no it wasn't raining or anything when this happened. I also had about another week of intermittent disconnections after this episode. The only guy who came didn't do anything much and left saying "Call me when it disconnects again"(it didn't happen just when he was there).
Good luck dealing with recovery agents!
They have recovery agents to collect 2500 Rs? 😛irate: I thought I would be bombarded with calls and SMSes to pay it
I have paid my bills mostly on time, so lets see what they do. My dads BSNL connection in office got disconnected a week later for non payment(they never used it), but my Airtel BB is still going strong 😱ffended:
Yeah. I am guessing they would create a huge bill in your name before starting the recovery process 😀