How long does it take for installation of jio fiber after making the payment?

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The form and payment formalities were completed on 2nd Sep but till now the installation has not been done in my premises. How long does it normally take?
Usually gets installed the same day,but now they have generated more connection demand from September 1 so its getting delayed and also they had some activation issues pan india due to the new plan launches as i had also booked a connection on 1st September and likely to get installed tomorrow
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It depends upon the local situation , some get installation done within hours of placing the request where they have done the wiring and OTB, others have to wait for upward of two months and still don't get connection finally the request gets cancelled when you the call the customer care and bash them , their Twitter is is filled with such complaints
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Mine got installed on the same day when payment was done, 1st of this month. That installation guy was telling me that Reliance higher ups have given them strict guidelines about activating within 12 hours, which they adhered to in my case. I guess they're having too many requests at once after these plans. They may have run out of manpower, cable, routers/stb or something.
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I guess this is depend on availability of their services in your area but it doesn't mean they won't do a registration. What happend actually they register your request ,take the payment and kept you waiting till more people got registered in the same area. It may take days to months.

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I got my Jio Connection installed within 24 hours. Depends on the network feasibility. Your area Jio Salesman would be able to tell you better.
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Two teams will complete the job, the installation time is 1 to 2 hours depending on location, routing etc., It involves two fiber joints, one on pole and another inside the house. The quality of connection is important. The one on the pole is difficult to make a good connection as the technician has to stand on the ladder to and do it. The ultimate test on the quality is revealed by the signal test, whose result can be in the range of -18dBm (best) to -24 dBm (acceptable) and will have a bearing on the maximum achievable download speed. See/know the value when the test is done. In our case the joint failed twice in the first two days, but the team immediately attended on reporting. No failure subsequently. A good job on the day one avoids many tensions later.

The activation time is around 1 hour. All the rest is waiting time, which depends on the demand for connections and supply of teams/resources and varies greatly. The activation team is responsible to also clear all customer's doubts and provide basic KT. After completion of job to your satisfaction, he will raise a completion report and an OTP will be sent to your Registered mobile number. You are supposed to share it to him after your satisfaction.

If you share your OTP early, you will be left with a Rolls Royce with no driving skills.
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I have had it installed twice in Delhi NCR. Both times it was installed and active within two hours of making the request.
The second time I called the sales person and he brought the installers with him when he came to process the payment for the order. So it took only about an hour from making the call.
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I got my connection 2 months ago. In my case, I made the payment at around 1:00 PM. Within 30 minutes, I got an SMS saying that the installation is scheduled for 3:30 PM. I was happy.

However, I waited until 8 PM and nobody reached out to me. I even dialled their customer support, but couldn't connect to a representative, because according to them I was not a JioFiber customer yet. I was very frustrated by now.

Then at 9:00 PM, I got a call from a technician who was supposed to come for the installation. Yes, at 9 PM!

Since it was dark in my area already, I asked him to reschedule the installation.

Then the next day, a technician came at around 12 PM and did the installation.
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