How to access Router GUI via IPv6?

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There is another similar topic but it talks about configuring Tata Sky's own Nokia router. However, I am using Asus RT-AX88U to dial PPPoE and Nokia router provided by Tatasky is under bridge mode.


The above image shows the static IP assigned to my router. But I am unable to access Router's homepage by accessing it from outside. Obviously I am accessing from Jio network which is also IPv6 enabled.

this is the syntax


4000 is the https WAN port of the router.

What am I doing wrong?
IPv6 still has Firewall, did you open port 4000 on your router?

Also could be that IPv6 webui is only listening on loopback interface.
Yes I have enabled port 4000 on the router's admin web access page.

I am unable to remote desktop into my PC from the public IPv6 shown on with RD port 3389

Basically I am not able to access my home network from outside even after being assigned static IP.
Alright we are making some progress after disabling firewall. I can now remote desktop into my PC using the IPv6. But how to access Router's GUI. I am unable to find what is my router's IPv6 address?
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Is "Enable Web Access from WAN" enabled under Administration>System>Remote Access Config.

also you should really not have webui of router accessible from WAN on any port. Use a local VPN.

You should also enable IPv6 Firewall and open port under Firewall>General>ipv6 firewall

Thanks, I have set the IPv6 port rule under Asus firewall settings. RD works fine now.

How to find out the WAN IPv6 of my router? I still want to access Router GUI to remotely wake my PC from it's Wake on LAN section.
Hmm maybe.

You tried accessing 2402:e280:xxxx:xxxx::

after enabling "Enable Web Access from WAN" under Administration>System>Remote Access Config right? Didn't open?

You could proxy IPv6 address to IPv4 webui if you had shell access to router with something like iptables or socat i think. other than that im not sure, maybe someone else here could help.