How to disconnect Reliance Jio Fiber connection and get a refund?

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I did not find a thread related to JioFiber refunds and looking at the plans they unveiled, I'm sure there will be many people looking for refund related Q&A soon. So, I'm creating one now to share my experience.

I have raised a request for deactivation of my JioFiber account sometime in first week of November. After couple of days, account was deactivated and ONT was collected after another two days.

I started recording a while technicians are disconnecting the router and take everything required off the wall as a proof that router is indeed been collected in working condition. These technicians also took my bank details on a piece of paper and told me that I will get a OTP for confirming bank details and that I have to tell them that OTP.

The OTP message has My bank acct number and IFSC code along with OTP. I called the technician back and told him the OTP.

Now the wait begins, meanwhile I kept calling CC-Number, pinging JioCare on Twitter regarding the refund. After 2 days of collecting ONT, I received an email from JioPay asking me to enter my bank details (again!!) to process the e-refund. And the email said, I will get refund only if the details are submitted from this link. The link requires one to upload a copy of bank account's cancelled cheque. I used different account this time and submitted details as I don't have chequebook for account that I gave to technicians.

Exactly after 15 days, Today, I received an email and a message that my refund is processed via NEFT and my account (that was given in e-refund link) will be credited in 72hours. After few more hours, my refund is credited successfully. (Yayyy!!)

During those 15 days, I was searching for "Jio Fiber Refund" topic in Twitter and the tweets made me worry more as almost all of them are complaints that they haven't received their refund -- Some even disconnected and returned their ONT 6 months back.

Overall, My experience with them has been good, I did not face any issues while getting connection nor with connection. I had 3 or 4 downtimes between 5 mins to 2 hours in the whole 6 months. And, Refund experience is also good. Although I would say, their CC is worst -- When asked about refund, Phone CC said I will get it in 15 days but JioCare Twitter said it'll take 60 days (uff!!). But, as I said, Experience has been good.
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Still I didn't received my jio fiber deposit rs2500. Technician idiot wrongly entered my account number in first attempt and after rising multiple complaints technician is saying that your refund has been processed with corrected account number . CC is also saying the same but still I didn't received my money back. They also gave NEFT ref. no and told me to check with bank. today I went to bank and enquired they are saying no such transaction in your account from jio .

Even pg portal complaint is not resolving my issue they are saying we have forwarded your concern to the backend team you will receive an update at the earliest but still no such thing. ☹ When I call cc they are repeating the same stupid statement that your refund has been processed please check with your bank. ☹

Guys what to do now how to get my money back . Now technician is not picking up my call.

I also gave the wrong account number which was given in first to bank staff they said the account number doesn't exist. I don't know where my money is stuck ☹ Jio CC is an idiotic center.

Even I sent my bank statement to cc email even after that they are not doing anything ☹️

I don't know whether there is any nodal for jio fiber

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@vignesh_venkatesan I raised complaint in the portal you mentioned through my grievance app, for that a guy called from jio head office told me your issue is forwarded to backend team you will receive an update at the earliest. But in the update they are saying the same statement again and again saying check with your bank. ☹️
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@vignesh_venkatesan I don't know what happened whether refund got stuck with wrong account number or problem in bank side. In bank they are saying there is no transaction from jio to your account. Maybe got stuck in payment gateway ? When I showed the NEFT ref no to bank they didn't cared that much for it and they saw using the account number only. While jio cc says check with NEFT ref no in bank.

This all because of the stupid technician who first wrongly entered the account number, second digit of the account number was 3 instead of 6. I never seen these much irresponsible stupidity they have to do their work with some responsibility.

I think there is no nodal like other ISPs in jio
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