How to do portforwarding for COD Warzone PS4

I am new here and don't know much about port forwarding. I managed to get nat type 2 on my PS4 by enabling uPnp, but the game still shows nat type strict.
So I tried to portforward yesterday and messed up somewhere. Now I can't even get a match in game.
How do I solve this?
Please help.
It shows this after getting stuck on "finding a match at <5000ms ping"


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Also if this is a portforwarding problem, can someone please guide me on how to do it.
I tried to search online but the instructions are not applicable for my router.
Online it just says : TCP-1935,3478-3480

(My PS4 ip address is


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@sherminator616 I have the same issues as yours but on the PC and not the PS4. BSNL isn't allowing COD Launcher to go beyond "logging in". Also the same for Rainbow Six Siege (uplay) launcher. I tried enabling upnp, changing NAT Type to 1. Not sure what else I can do. I'm trying to do port forwarding but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. Need help. Here's my link to the forum post where I have discussed my way of doing port forwarding. Not sure what I'm doing wrong however.
I don't know much about this and since you have a PC issue, and nothing seems to be working, I think you should just contact the bsnl office and ask for assistance.