How to manage validity of spare/extra number?

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Minimum recharge is Rs 45.
How do you people manage recharges on spare numbers(if you have one, any network) with regards to validity.
Do you do monthly minimum balance recharge? Or recharge a large amount and let it deduct automatically from balance each month.

Airtel used to have full talktime plans(Rs200 recharge will get you full Rs200 balance and so on), but now there are no such recharge options.

Would like to know how others do it.
There are talktime recharges but none of them has any validity. You have to be on a plan.
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I'm thinking of switching back to BSNL now 😅. I don't need Airtel's internet anymore and it's hard to justify the cost.
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I recently did a Rs 500 recharge for Rs 480 talktime(no validity). It automatically deducts Rs45 every 28 days.

After it finishes, I'll go back to doing Rs45 manually, as I can delay it for 7 days after validity ends. With balance available on phone, it deducts automatically after 28 days.

BSNL minimum recharge sounds good, but I'll have to check network quality in my area if I decide to port it.

Edit: I just found out BSNL doesn't provide service in Delhi. Are MTNL plans same as BSNL?

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@Xposed I have seen Rs 22 recharge is not available in your circle. But Rs 11 recharge with 30 days validity is available in Odisha circle. Actually these packs are rate cutters with validity. It extends the validity unless your SIM has expired validity. If your SIM has already expired you need to do a real validity extender recharge like the 74 one.
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I last recharged my airtel sim in may for Rs.19 and did now in sept for Rs.48(3GB data). only 2 txn showing in thanks app.
That means these are the only 2 recharge i did in 2020. Most are funded by freecharge 10-20Rs. cashback offer once every few months.
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