how to take BSNL fibre connection again ( with a new number)


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i had a BSNL fibre connection till last year august , then due to my Job i gave application to disconnect it and get it signed from SDE , after getting it disconnected iam still getting messages that your bill of 1007 rs is pending , i get this message every month till now.
Now due to lockdown i again need bsnl fibre connection to work from home as my brother and family is also at home and due to poor 3g 4g speeds our work is not getting smooth .
Bsnl fibre cable as well as modem is intact connected at my place , so i want to get it started again but as i know they are sending me messages to deposit pending bill , is it possible to take a new number on same device ?? I have not taken security deposit or anything back from bsnl ... can they give me new number or if possible waive off that pending bill ( which is not actually pending by me , coz i have deposited all the dues completely).
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You could contact BSNL in person (nothing in BSNL world happens over the phone or email), and I think they might just waive it off and re-start the connection. Might be much easier than getting a new connection.
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🤷‍♂️ You could try calling up the exchange and ask them what can be done (if someone does answer that is)

For a friend who was looking for a new connection in Karnataka, they said everything is suspended during the lockdown and asked him to come after the lockdown.
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Also, considering its just 1k which is due, might be cheaper to pay it off, else you might need to pay activation, installation and other charges which might come out more than 1k. This is if they do not agree to waive it off.
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@varkey every month i get same message does that means i have just one payment of 1007 rs pending , ???
how can i check how much total bill is pending ?

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Yes, I think it's only that Rs 1007 which would be pending, as all previous dues are added when a new bill is generated.

If you had registered for email bills, they'd have sent a final bill, otherwise not sure how to check. Self care portal (BSNL CUSTOMER CARE) would most likely not allow you to signup now.
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i checked the portal and it shows this , does it means i have only 1009 rs pending only ?
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Great, correct, only Rs 1009 is outstanding on that account. It would be good to review the bill from the time you got it disconnected if the charges are genuine. Perhaps it's just the amount from the beginning of the month till the date of disconnection.

The bill is usually generated for a calendar month, say you closed the account on 21st of the month, perhaps you cleared only the dues till 31st of the previous month and the dues from 1st to 21st is actually due.
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