How To Use 2 Bb Connections Concurrently - Help

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MTNL & Airtel
HI all!!!!I wanna know is there any way by which i can use 2 BroadBand connections simultaneously, and there by increasing the speed without investing much??At the moment, i have MTNL - connected via Billion router via LAN ; and Airtel - connected via 220 BX via USB.I searched the forum, but couldn't found much information. Someone suggested me to buy a dual input router, which is not available at the moment in India and costs around Rs. 10,000/-. I understand that i won't get benefit on a single download, but will be benefitted in torrents etc.. ( which are not restricted by single IP)Though i'm gettin 2 MBPS from MTNL, and 512 kbps from Airtel at night, i jus wanna add them together to make 2.5 MBPS, jus for fun....PLease help me!!!
wingate? search the forum for this keyword.
thanx alot.... i got the information that is required...will try wingate - as described by mutts...