How to use syrotech ont as bridge and extender at same time

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here is the problem,
i have a Syrotech ont with WIFI Provided by BSNL FTTH. I changed its mode to bridge and connected a TP-Link router via lan port to it.Than i configured PPPoE on tp link router and everything works fine when i am connected to tp link AP.
but now the when i connect to syrotech's ssid the internet does not work also i cant ping to tp link which is connected to it via lan.
i have tried static ip allocation, same subnet for both, different subnet for both.
i want to use my tp link as main PPPoE and syrotech's wifi as just an extension to my tp link network.
what should i do and if it is possible or not.??
Syrotech wifi (internet)wont work if you have put it in bridge . You will have a broken network if I am correct
Either you let the syrotech do PPPoE and use TP-Link as range extender or just use TP link(pppoe) switching ur Syrotech Wifi off
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AFAIK, just start bridge mode and l connect the other lan port of ONT to router and wifi should work...
@varkey once made such comment when i had such plans...
So,maybe it will work...but will be useless if ONT don't have directional antennas....because its range would be less than good tplink router...
If Syrotech is on Bridge mode and you connect to Syrotech SSID, you will get successful WiFi connection if DHCP is enabled, also after successful WiFi connection you can’t access internet as router is in Bridge mode.

In TP-Link you can configure secondary connection to access ONT and always use Tp-link SSID to access internet.
That's right!! Sahi pakde hain 🙂