IBF Needs a Makeover

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Hello Mod/Admin,

I would like to offer a suggestion regarding the apperance of the IBF. The Forum has drawn many members and has been successful till date. 🙂

So may I request you to change the IPB theme as the current one is a bit common and light. 😀

There are many sites offering FREE IPB Themes. Like : http://jasidog.com/ipb

And while searching with LimeWire, I found many Free IPB skins and themes !
Even IPB v.2.0.4 Full was available. 😱
2 things.1. forum is successful coz of the people and content not how it looks. this forum is too complicated already. people are somewhat used to default themes so i think this suits me. if i have my way, i had move to bbPress.2. the latest version of IPB is now feature limited in the free version. plus it stops working after 5000 posts.
Did I give u a bad suggestion ?Also, I had said that v.2.0.4 FULL version is available...[though illegal] 😀
right. that was a bad suggestion. i had move to an open source alternative. but that would kill all the present indexed pages in google. that is very important for me.
If a skin change is indeed under taken (allright I am not talking about snakes), then IMHO a simple, and fast loading (mucho importance) skin should be chosen. That would not be just for the looks, but it would improve accessibility to the site.For example, the above blue line texture there on the top ^^^ could be replaced by a simple unicolour bar. The quote and reply buttons below could have CSS inline buttons instead, and so on. I recollect a skin like that.Take pity on us sify broadband (AX*U unlimited packs) users, each image brings us dangerously close to the 150 MB (limit).
right. use opera's cached mode. 😀 changing skin is however a tedius procedure for a guy like me who thinks this idea to be waste of time. sorry guys, u have a lazy admin 🙁

no need to change skin....its IPB default skin is the fastest. for spicing it up...maybe u can install a flash intro 😀 or some arcade games.