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incable cable internet. Rating 2/10I got a incable 64k internet connection in Nov,02. At the time installation cost 3000. Modem cost 8500. First month fees- 1100 for 64k 600MB + service tax.At the time there was no other internet provider in my area(other than Dishnet, which was prohibitive.)The d/l speed I was getting was 4-5KB/s during day and 6KB during night.64k was quite slow for me. I switched to the 128k package for 2100 + tax. The speed in the 128k package was 8-10kb but with only 1.1 GB of data transfer allowed per month, d/ling any significant amount of data was not possible.incable charged 2Rs/MB for excess usage. I used to use about 300-800MB extra per month but was not charged for it because I threatened to close my account if they did.During the first few months, disconnections were quite frequent.One major problem with Incable was that when I lost connectivity in the night or early morning. This was majorly majorly irritating because I used to mainly surf during the night. And once I lost the connection during the night, even if I called the helpdesk, they would do nothing and ask me to wait until morning.When that used to happen, I would use vsnl dialup.In March of April,03 I tried playing Counter Strike but I found out that incable blocked ports that were necessary to play the game. I tried to solve this problem for 3 months and even went to their helpdesk to help them but gave up because incable technical support was so stupid. All the technical work was done from Bombay. incable blocked ports used by p2p applications like Kazaa. But this problem did not affect me much because I used only irc for my d/ling needs.Sometime in Sep, 03 I was asked to move to a prepaid package if I wanted the 128k speed. As I had no choice, I moved to prepaid and bought a 128k 2GB package for 4500 + tax. But I was using up 2GB within 35-40 days so it was working out quite costly. After 4 months, I found out that post paid packages were available but the salesman did not want to offer them. I even called up Bombay and discussed this with the incable executives there but did not get any reply. In Dec I called the incable salesman and told him I wanted to switch to 128k postpaid otherwise I would cancel my account. He did not agree so I cancelled my account for good. I told the salesman not to show his face again at my house. About 2 weeks after I closed my account, I received a call from incable but I slammed the phone down. I used incable for about 13 months in total.Even now incable does not any unlimited packages. I knew a few people who used to use incable 1 year back but they have switched to Airtel. Their internet service smacks of an cavalier attitude. They are essentially a cable tv company who on an afterthought decided to offer internet to customers. This might have worked 2 years back but now they are being decimated by the competition. And I am smiling.