Indian Govt. To Block Voip And Websites With Subversive Content

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how would they differentiate between sip/udp packets & voip packets??Also that link is irrelevant to voip !!
Ok i landed directly on pg2 and didn't looked at pagination below.Also i think skype & msn like famous operators will be blocked not Sip operators. hehehe
u dont get the logic behind wats says simply bcoz these voip providers dont have a license to operate in india they should be blocked... which of the sip operators have a license in india..except ofcourse the crappy net4india..its the whole censorship mindsetand for that Q regarding sip/udp/voip packets there are packet analysers that can identify not only that the traffic is Voip but also the codec being used..which i think is done by analysing the packet headers..besides a simple 5060 port outgoin block can create quite a few problems
I got that however thing is there are so many sip operatorsthey can't block each of them also i think these babus have common perception that softfone operators like yahoo & msn , skype not paying taxes thay aren't even aware about sip technology yet.Also this blocking thing i am listening from last 2years nothing yet happened.

this is totally crap!!! :angry:now they want to control internet???and want us to pay ISD charges to call abroad???bullsh!t!!! :angry:
Article seems to be quite old... Written on Jan 16, 2007 ... Haven't heard abt govt taking any action after tht...
lol ,, that suxxs ,, no other country have problem with that ,, why these bastards making issue here ?? inka bas chale to internet bas dekhne ke liye de , no chatting no browsing no downloading nothing , jus sit and watch !! lolexcuse me ,, we are paying for it ,, so atleast we can talk fo free on Yahoo , MSN , Skype etc etc .........
SIP phones can also work on other port no's too, its not just 5060, but the proxy server should be configured to work on that port.
yeah thats why i said that a simple outgoin port 5060 block can create quite a few probs coz most proxy's listen on 5060