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I can't login even now. Now I wonder if I have been able to login since my phone got Android 12. I even tried resetting the app and configuring it again and no use.

Anyone here on Android 12 and IndusInd bank account?
Tried on both cellular and Wi-Fi. Even tried mom's phone. Same error. Dad doesn't even get the login screen on his phone right now though he has been able to login in recent times but his device is probably on Android 11. Mom's device is in Android 12.
Thankfully i can do most of the stuff I need to do with UPI. When it works lol. Website seems to work fine.
Dad is able to login. I can't login even on his phone. Weird shit. Website works so account is not disabled. Kal local branch mein jaake time waste karte hai.

alright. something is definitely wrong with my account. went to indusind. the lady made me change my mpin just to see if that was the issue. changing the mpin also didn't fix the problem. she sent a complaint at her end.

fun fact. indusind uses fps or pattern as mpin not number. weird.
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getting calls from their different departments who all got my complaints lol.

apparently the problem was at their end because of a cancelled credit card that was still linked to my account. till few weeks back, this card used to appear as part of my account but did not cause issues with the bank part of the app. somehow that changed and that's why i couldn't login any more. they delinked the card from my account properly and that seems to have fixed the issue. that card no longer appears in the app for me so that's nice too.
All digital channels will be unavailable on 10 &17 Apr 2022 , 1am - 7am (IST) due to system upgrade. Use Debit Card for ATM, POS & ECOMM trxns - IndusInd Bank

Chalo. Intimate kiya for a change.
So tried contacting their CC support. Even though you are calling from your registered number, you are asked to enter first 6 digits where you get 2 options:
1 Block card
2 Talk to customer care.
Option 2 is misleading as it asks you to enter the whole card number and your dob. After this you are dumped to the normal card IVR with the talk to customer care option tucked at the last.
Even after all this, it has been 17 minutes and the call is still not connected. I think even SBI connects call sooner than this.

Not to forget
Looks like Indus has increased their top fd interest to 7.75%. Yes is at the same level currently for a specific period.