Info for people in Bangalore about BSNL office&complaints

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Thanks for the reply.

I needed an internet connection, and on 23rd took BSNL EVDO , that is the fastest way to get a new internet connection in bangalore.My device started working from 24th may.
You can see the download speed is very good compared to the cost of only Rs550 a month.
But i need upload speeds, (for voice and video chats). BSNL EVDO does not offer any good upload speeds.I got to know this after i took the connection. Now I'm planning for some wired broadband.(only for upload speeds).and will terminate this evdo connection once i get a wired broadband.

Today, just before writing this post, I applied online for BSNL broadband immediately called 1500. and told that I applied online for new broadband connection. Got a reply that i will get the connection within 10 days.
I didnot believe this and thats the reason i'm posting this here immediately.

In bangalore, where can i find shops that sell Wifi Modems?
And How much does a Wifi Modem(any basic one) cost?
In bangalore, where can i find shops that sell Wifi Modems?
And How much does a Wifi Modem(any basic one) cost?

sorry.. didnt see the post ....
wifi router/modem from bsnl costs you 1800.. In the market also it costs around 1500 if you want a decent one.

You can go to SP Road (near corporation circle, on the way to majestic), and bargain 5-6 shops .. and get a best deal on it !! you get the cheapest price in SP road (with warranty) !!

by the way...

You get two websites if you type http :// bangaloretelecom. com
and http :// www . bangaloretelecom. com

If you want to see your telephone bill, then type with www
If you want to know about bsnl general info, then type without www (just http) !!

crazyyy !!
/members/bhargawa/1Better try BSNL wifi modem first on rent.2.Option to exchange it any time !3 Option to buy at a later date ( in working condition ) less 50% of rental paid.( Ref FAQ 45 Bsnl site)
I have a very big problem recently. Initially I was in UL 750PLUS plan. I wanted to change to Home 500c. So on 15th july i gave an application to the local exchange i am under saying that i need a plan change from UL750PLUS to Home500c from 1st August 2008. After processing the application i asked the lady when the plan change will happen. See told from next month. Since i was under heavy unlimited plan i was downloading heavily. On 24th i was trying to figure out my dataone portal ID and password.(Since i was under unlimited plan till now i never used to check my usage. But now from next month onwards since i am changing to only Night unlimited plan i thought let me get everything ready like portal ID and password.)When i figured it out finally and when i logged in i saw that my plan had changed. And when i checked my usage they say i have used more than 8GB chargeable units. And the best part was my speed didnt change. (Had the speed changed i could have figured out my plan might have changed.) When i had asked to change plan from august they changed it before that(that too a random date-20th july without informing me of change.) and say that since i used that much data i should pay up.On 25th morning i went to my exchange(malleshwaram,Bangalore)and told this. Then they were telling that plan change will occur only from first of next month without even bothering to check had a plan change occurred. After arguing for half an hour they finally checked and said that it has occurred on 23rd july(In my usage account it is shown that plan change occurred on 20th as they are charging me for the units consumed from 20th). Then i spoke the SDE there and he told he cant help this and asked me to meet The customer service Manager of North division. So in the afternoon i went to meet the customer service manager. That lady is saying i should pay up since i used those units. After telling that my change of date was supposed to be 1st august and its their fault changing plan in between month and without any warning. I also told about the Low speed which i was getting which led me to think that i was in my old plan only. After arguing for 1 hour she said will see it after bill comes and cant do anything before the bill come. I know she just said that to get rid of me and she never intend to do anything about this. Their service sucks.. Looks i will be going to consumer court next month.
Rammurthy nagar
Rammurthy Nagar Tel Excg Bld
K R Puram
Mr. Sarangan

New Line Registration, Broadband Service, Bill Payment, Duplicate Bills, Enquiry, CLIP Instruments, Maintenance of Local Call PCOs, Sancharnet Cards, ITC Cards, Recharge Coupon for Mobile, Application for New lines, Transfer, Shift etc.

i think it's not concern to exchange. go to krpuram csc. try to submit app there.
Source : Bangalore Telecom - tenders
NOTE : dont take modems supplied by bsnl 😡 useless modems and capped streams

ramamurthy nagar is very waste they dont cooperae even in k r puram i go to banaswadi for all my problems or i will call PGM
I got the BFone connection within 02 days, got BB activated within week. Mine plan is 'Home 500'. Speed is good (With good # of seeds, I'm getting average speed of 210 - 240 kBps in torrent). I'm planning to shift to 'Home 500 C+' plan but have seen so many complaints about plan change, I'm bit confused whether continue with existing plan or ask to change it (It'll save 80 Rs per month). BSNL speed is good but like other PSU, BSNL post service is pathetic. Most of CC guys are technically dumb. But my overall experience with BSNL is good. When ever I had problem, CC guy couldn't help but after visiting BSNL Service Center, got resolved.

You can call 1500 and ask for plan change. Ask the person (normally ladies) name and confirmation number. (toll free). Ask on 29th or 30th the same thing and make sure ur plan will be changed.. call again on 1st or 2nd of the next month and ask the same.. 🙂
You can call 1500 and ask for plan change. Ask the person (normally ladies) name and confirmation number. (toll free). Ask on 29th or 30th the same thing and make sure ur plan will be changed.. call again on 1st or 2nd of the next month and ask the same.. 🙂

Will give a try. Thanks
hey m a new member.M getting error 691 from the past one month.can't connect the internet.My area JTO says that since I had logged in the portal ID from my office the bangalore tech guys mst have blocked or freezed my account!!! WTF!!M running from the past one month after these BSNL guys to get my connection done bt of no avail.forgot to i did not change my password either
Access internet from somewhere else.
If you have the 14digit portal and userID
open your usage Pages and re enter
your old password
again and try.
from the telephone number
where you were originally

OR access the modem and
change to "Always On"
Post ipconfig/all data of your computer.
Para twO:
If you had registered a complaint, your bill
for Jan 2009 should not include BB charges.
as you claim BSNL has blocked access.

Para three :
Difficult to scroll this page. and your problem does
not link here.
Open a new thread "error 691 problem"
Make an online complaint. Be brief.