Information On Downloading Torrent With Full Speed

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I tried many torrent download clients but i haven't got that speed which we get wile downloadin from a http or a Ftp server.
I got a solution which worked for me & i would like to share it with u.
Use bitcomet v0.68 & goto options->preferences->Advanced->connection
1. Set connections to keep per task = 300
2. Set max connections per task = 600

That's all u have to do.

BTW my CTO has blocked the ports & NAT error exists still i get an awesome speed of 30KB/s.

Happy new year.....
nah.It will depend on no. of seeds,peers & tracker status.
i accept what u said neothe torrent which i am downloadin has 10 trackers & at any moment u will find atleast 600 peers out of which atleast 50 are only seedin1st day i used Bitcomet v0.79 & second day Azureus v2.5.0.0 both client had given an average speed of 2KB & u know why, bcoz i was connected to only 15 peers even after 4 hrs passed by from the time of download got started.Before sayin nah neo, atleast u should have given a try.Don't u think so neo that having at least 300 connections for a torrent will increase the download speed???
I'll again say nah.See even if u have 1000 connections it wont matter coz ur connected to 1000 peers but if they r not uploadin ny data wats the use.
For me i use Bittorrent 6.0 , and i did a forward port on my Actiontec GT740-WG all in one modem. I also configure bittorrent to the same port i use on the router. The other thing that i use is TCPOptimizer, set it to 3.0 MB. My current speed on the DSL is 3.0 mbps. My down speed on the torrent software download above 200 mbps.

Oh yea another thing, I still surf the web pretty fast while downloading.:thumb:
what is your connection .... details if you please ?

Wait for few minutes for the peers to connect and you will see the speed go up. It can many times take 30 minutes to get to full speed. My 256kbps gives 30kBps downloading speed. Which is fair. Cheers.