Introduce Yourself - Reliance Broadband Customers

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So, let's introduced ourselves (Reliance Broadband Users)Name -Age -Location -Connection Type - Limited/UnlimitedSpeed -(If you want to add some information then, add) 😀
So, let's introduced ourselves (Reliance Broadband Users)
Name -
Age -
Location -
Connection Type - Limited/Unlimited
Speed -
(If you want to add some information then, add) 😀

U forgot to introduce urself saurabh28 😛
^ I think some of his details are in the user id and profile 🙂 Saurabh, age 28, Navi Mumbai 😀
Name- VijayAge -18Location - ChandigarhConnection Type - UnlimitedSpeed - 300 kbps

Hi,Myself Priyan, i dont think my age or location should be of concern.But what might be intresting/helpful for you, I am a Reliance relationship development officer and just in case you facing any issues with our wired broadband connection,let me know.I would try my best to get it resolved.You can post your query on "May I help you" thread.Warm Regards,Reliance Broadband
i'm a reliance user for last 14 complaints with them...hardly any downtime.....changed my plan 2-3 times and it was done within 24 hrs....speed is good alsoHope thay come out with new plans now.....they are offering 512kbps at 1199 with RS150 as free calls so hope they can bring it down to rs1049....still Rs 50 cheaper than airtel....and some night boost with it.........currently i guess a company in Kolkata is giving 512 kbps with 1 mb at night for rs is called alliance broadband......but i think i will stick to reliance because of no downtime and hope they inform their customers when new plans are launched just like airtel did.....hope priyan is listening....even TI has launched new now the original two of cheap rates BSNL and Reliance are left.......i hope they give something like i mentioned above
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