Is Airtel still offering retention broadband plans?

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Hello! I want to know if Airtel Retention is still active and provides the discounts?

i think they only giving maximum 100rs discount these days. Last year i got 500rs for 6month then 200rs lifetime and now its 100rs lifetime.
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Nowadays they are saying they won't provide any kind of discounts. But if you ask them to disconnect or provide discount. They might provide.

Only Retention Team (escalation team) does that. Normal 121 won't provide discount.
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After speaking with CC and social media team, they said different plan but not any attractive plans also when I asked for rental discount they said those are stopped and asked for disconnection to continue or not.

I am using 1049 + gst plan 3mnth advance payment.

And its for bangalore location.

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I'm actually glad to hear that.
The problem i often find with Airtel is their underhanded shady plans in broadband and even in Mobile services to some extent.
Though i dont appreciate jio's new direction,they have same tariffs for the entire country.
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In my area, Airtel recently upgraded their network to 1 GBPS. Currently I am on an old plan of 1099 that offers 40 Mbps upto 300 GB with Data roll over and 300 INR permanent discount. So my bill comes upto 942 including taxes and because of data roll over, I usually have 500-700 GB depending upon my usage each month. Upon inquiring about getting my speed upgraded they told me that all the retention discounts that they have been offering will be removed from all accounts. This was instructed to them last year and slowly all retention plan will no longer work. Their Delhi plans are not that great and new plans don't have data roll over.
My line stats for downstream speed changes from 50 mbps to 64 mbps.
Any new plans in Delhi circle that are good enough because once 300 discount gets removed the plan will cost around 1200.
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