Is there a fair usage policy on Excitel Broadband?

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Excitel, Airtel XStream
Already crossed 1TB mark, waiting to see how it goes from here
converted this into a question thread to keep track of when users get hit with the warning. though from the looks of it, excitel does not give warning and just suspend the account? or users are able to continue services?
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@MadAxe nothing someone here complained of blocking of account as he crossed 150 or 200 gb in a single day

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Around 2 weeks ago I did a 400GB download and 1.2TB upload together within a span of 24 hours. No warnings or disconnections.
I did have my VPN on though.
I'm guessing those who have been hit with a warning got it for false negatives on commercial activity (which is a possibility with torrents (multiple upstream downstream connections, huge data transfers)), or if they were actually engaging in one.
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