Is there anyway to get visited website list from Airtel ?

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Hi Guys,
Is there anyway to get visited website list from Airtel ? ANY WAY ?
I have searched this question here and the answer is "No"
I am the customer asking details about visited website list from my internet connection.
Is there any law that prevents Airtel to do this ?
there isn't a law that i could think of that requires them to provide you with this information even if they have it.

at best they could probably be logging the domain names visited. and they could potentially provide this information if the government asks for it. i do not see why they would just provide it to the customer himself.
why they would just provide it to the customer himself.
because I am the customer who asking about my internet connection just like a telephone line what are all numbers dialed from my telephone.
a court order should work fine. india does not have gdpr type law that empowers you to get information private companies have about you. only government has access to that information.

airtel would not even provide you a list of numbers that called you. i have tried this in past. they flatly refused. only information they would provide is the information that is already included in the bill.

rti would probably not work here. pgportal? doesn't hurt trying it out. but i don't really expect it to work. lists of websites visited... is probably being logged (at least the information that they can log) because of government regulations. but is likely not available to regular support folks dealing with customers. might require authorization from higher levels.
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I think previously BSNL provided list of numbers dialed. If a customer is asking for someone's internet activity there is privacy issue but what is the gain in government by not providing details about customer own internet activity.
if you want to log the websites visited on your connection you will need to setup something like a raspberry pi and set your router to have your Pi be the dns, then you can set what all is to be logged and the retention period.

you can but then the response times will be horrible and your data will be stored elsewhere and can be misused.

@jacobr you can refer to multiple guides or videos. or have someone techy help you, its more or less a one time setup and forget thing.
customer own internet activity.

You can do-it-yourself. Though it wont give you list of websites visited in past, you can setup a router to start logging all sites.

This would cost you around 7k (buy a new router and configure it to record DNS).

Another option is to change DNS settings to OpenDNS and create a free account on Home Free by OpenDNS . This would not give you as much details, but is a good point to start.