Jio Centrum Gateway : Invalid Credentials

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I have a jio fibre broadband and wanted to change the router settings in order to connect it to a wifi range extender (which i plan to make using another modem). When i go to its homepage which is it asks for username and psswd. I have tried entering admin : Jiocentrum as well as my SSID and wifi psswd and tried all the combinations possible...... but all in vain. It returns an error telling invalid credentials.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!!
Reset the router.
Can i use the wifi normally after resetting it like, my wifi password and ssid ??
Also, will the Jio Homepage psswd be resetted to admin:Jiocentrum
The ssid and password will reset to default which are generally written on the bottom of the router, and for changing ssid and password you can use my jio application or use the admin login page as the password and user name will be reset to default one.