JIO WiFi Calling not working with my broadband


I am using Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Jio & Airtel SIMs. WiFi Calling gets enabled for both my SIM everywhere except when connected to my home broadband.
At my home broadband, which is Airtel broadband franchise, Airtel WiFi calling works but Jio WiFi calling does not work.
During my experiment, I connected my laptop with WiFi and created a hotspot and connected my mobile with that network. This time both SIMs enabled with WiFi calling.

Any suggestions.
Check the dns of your connection, vowifi is very picky about dns.
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The isp at my village home used dns server, I couldn't use vowifi both in my airtel and jio connections until I changed it to google dns.
Vowifi was essential for me there because my village home has very very poor coverage on both airtel and jio.
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Best to Configure on the phone so that it is applicable on all networks.

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