JioFiber performance for gaming in Kolkata

Alliance Broadband/Airtel DSL
Hi Guys,

I want to know about the gaming performance of JioFiber from users in Kolkata? How is the connection? Is it stable? Are pings decent to Mumbai servers?

I am currently on Alliance Broadband but have been facing huge packet loss issues from the last two months but the customer care of Alliance Broadband are reluctant to acknowledge the issue and are not able to solve it. So I was thinking of switching to JioFiber.

I had taken JioFiber in the month of December but the connection was very unstable and has huge lag and input delay at that time so I didn't continue after the trial period. Have things changed?

Would be great if people who play on PC/Consoles can share their experience.
@royalroy A friend of mine uses JioFiber. Ask me about the things you wanna know, like latency to IP addresses and stuff.

In terms of stability, my friend got his connection on 30th March. Zero downtimes and stable speeds so far. However, the cloudflare thing that you mentioned earlier in another post is common, as it is a Cloudflare issue, not an ISP one.

Latency to Google DNS: 26 - 28 ms
Latency to Cloudflare DNS: 37 - 39 ms
Latency to AWS Mumbai ( 29 - 31 ms

Is your friend getting any packet loss for AWS Mumbai server using JioFiber? And is the 29-31ms ping constant? I've heard JioFiber varies from place to place in Kolkata. Not sure though. As mentioned in the post, I had taken JioFiber back in December and the experience was not good at that time.

Where are you from? My friend is from Sodepur. The ping is pretty much stable throughtout the day, maybe a 2 - 3ms increase, but that's it. One thing though, the number of hops you'll see will be high but that should not affect your gaming performance.
I am from Baranagar which is not too far away from Sodepur. I am just looking for a stable connection with good routing for my gaming and so far I have just faced disappointment apart from the early few months of Alliance Broadband connection which was really good. Airtel is not an option in my area otherwise would have definitely chosen Airtel
Ahh, I see. Lemme know about the IP addresses that you'd like me to check, and I'll return back to you with the latency.
These are the few IP addresses that I usually do tests on. (might not respond to pingtests now)

Would be great if you can check them on Alliance and JioFiber as well. I usually see loses when I run them 200-300 responses.

Thanks in advance 🙂