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This is the other competing image format to AVIF. Firefox and Chrome support is coming. Apple? As usual, no one knows.


For now, you can enable it in Chrome and Firefox.
Chrome (91+): chrome://flags/#enable-jxl
Firefox (90+): image.jxl.enabled
You can also enable in Edge(91+) by running the executable file with the parameter --enable-features=JXL. Works in Both Windows and Linux. macOS not Tested.
Chrome 91 is out. Which means chrome://flags/#enable-jxl is now available in Chrome stable.
It is also available in Edge Stable but still needs the parameter in executable. And it only opens JXL images loaded on web pages. Try to open the image in a new tab, and it will download. The latest firefox beta also supports JXL now.
Chrome 91 hasn't arrived on my phone yet. Apkmirror has become very confusing to use.

google is dumping jxl already.

"Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback regarding JPEG XL. We will be removing the JPEG XL code and flag from Chromium for the following reasons:

  • Experimental flags and code should not remain indefinitely
  • There is not enough interest from the entire ecosystem to continue experimenting with JPEG XL
  • The new image format does not bring sufficient incremental benefits over existing formats to warrant enabling it by default
  • By removing the flag and the code in M110, it reduces the maintenance burden and allows us to focus on improving existing formats in Chrome"