Just got a brand new Airtel Broadband Xstream Connection

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Filled up request for Airtel Xstream Fibre Bundle offer yesterday, and executive visited today morning. The details provided on their website or news forums is not complete and here are more details as provided by the executive:
1. Rs 499 is available only as 1/6/12 months pack
2. Rs 799 and above is available as 1/3/6/12 months pack
3. Hence, if you are planning Rs 499 pack, you have to pay Rs 1000 installation charges with monthly pack or go with Rs 799 3 month pack or Rs 499 6 months pack
4. Xstream box is NOT provided as part of the sign up offer. You have to take up the connection and later raise a request for Xstream box on their mobile app
5. OTT Apps subscription ONLY if you take XStream box
6. XStream box its MANDATORY to have additional DTH connection and is handled by a separate DTH team. The broadband executive is only responsible for selling the Fibre connection. Xstream Box and DTH related connection details he asked to follow up with DTH team after taking his Fibre connection

Overall a negative experience and decided to skip. Compared to JIO Fibre, Airtel lacking the following:
  • No 1 month free trial
  • Additional Rs. 1000 Installation charges
  • No Live TV
  • Additional DTH Connection mandatory
  • XStream Box security deposit of Rs.1500 is not refundable if service disconnected within 1 year
7.5% discount on 6month and 15% discount on 12month is still valid? Also on 499 plan?
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499 plan is still not available as a change option in Airtel Thanks. There is no other way to change ans there is no human response on 121 and no one bothers to respond to email. So if you want to take 499 plan, better opt for it right at the beginning.
However, please be warned that if you opt for ARP (advance rental plan), it will auto renew and will not change to monthly plan so you will be required to pay in advance every time. It has to be manually changed to monthly plan with a plan change request.

Xstream box is a rip off if you just want to use OTT apps as you have to pay for DTH charges separately every month. If you don’t have a smart tv I suggest you go for Mi Box 4K as it will convert your tv into an Android TV for ₹3,499 then you can freely use your OTT apps without any extra charges apart from their subscription.
OTT may be available as part of Xstream app even without a box. However, Xstream app does not work on any Android box or firestick other than Xstream box. It only works on a browser or as a mobile app.
I have started to believe that Airtel hides more things than Jio. Jio seems more transparent than Airtel on a lot of things like billing, charges etc. Though both have traps if one doesn’t read T&C properly. Airtel is completely different in LCO cities especially. The thing that’s worst is minimum 6 month advance payment and ₹1000 cash extra without any receipt in LCO cities.