Kerala Vision slow internet due to lockdown

Kerala Vision
I am getting 10mbps speed on speed test at for my 20mbps connection but actual speed is too low on almost all websites. Most sites takes minutes to load while streaming works only sometimes. Actually sites load faster on bsnl dsl connection than my Kerala vision fiber even before lockdown. While other ISPs upgrade their services for free during lockdown to encourage work from home it was very irritating to work with kerala vision. Also my place don't allow me to purchase combo plans which makes me think about an upgrade to other services. (Kerala vision comes under a crappy association CAO which don't has the authority to take action against not giving combo plans to all areas.) (Note: eventhough browsing speed is too slow, downloading speed before lockdown was really good compared to my old dsl). Anyone getting slow speeds?
Yep, Kerala Vision is severely affected. There are many who's in the same boat.
Yes. Its not a reliable connection, connection drops many times. 50 Mbps plan, getting only 5 Mbps.. Complained many times no response and no fixes provided yet. Waste of money.. Recommends not to go with this ISP