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😛h34r:i am a new member in this forum but rather not a newbie to computers. well i would like to get reviews on my connection. i have conneciton fron a local cabel wallah in lucknow named sikka . this guys is not mentioning his speed but i am paying Rs. 600 per month and i am getting d/l limit of of 10-12 KBPS. is it good or i am paying more for what i get. another thing is that we can easily change our IP address and and get connected to internet. once i got the speed of 72 KBPS 😛 while downloading. yes it is KBPS and not Kbps i was shocked to see it but suddenly the speed reduced. so is there any chance of cheating this guy and get maximum speed 😛 . he has taken connection from exattnet internet sservice providers coz i see link on his login page. kindly post some reply .
I think a speed of 10-12 KBPS at Rs 600 if its unlimited is a decent deal in current scenario
so is there any chance of cheating this guy and get maximum speed[/b]

well well well.......you want us to give advice on how to cheat your isp and expect us to give all the info.

you are gettin a decent deal for about 96kbps.
The speed u got is not because of the 'shanapan' u did but it was because this happens when there is some maintainance work around....so dont think that changing the IP address wil do the trick .The rate you are paying is good enough...a decent deal as mentioned before