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Hi there,Been reading this forum for quite a while and it has really helped sort some problems out with my Sify connection.Here are a few doubts/problems I have and would like all your opinions:1. Whenever I am idle for 15 to 30 minutes, my net stops working and when I try to logout I get the error "Logoff Failure. Invalid Session!" with no BB code. I have read the other posts and tried to get Sify to disable HSbeat, etc. but nothing has helped. If I use it continuously, it works fine. Any suggestions? I use Windows 2000 Pro and ZoneAlarm Free version and Cisco VPN while working.2. I used to use EasySify and was very happy with it. It had wonderful features such as auto-login, keep connection alive, etc., but it stopped working a while ago when Sify updated their client. Does EasySify work with anyone with 3.22?3. Before Sify, I had a cable connection using cable modem, and with rain and lightning one day, the surge got through the cable and burnt my LAN card and motherboard and I had to replace them. With rain and lightning here in Bangalore for the past couple of days, I am worried again. Can the same happen to Sify through their cable?Thanks,
last one... would largely depend upon the kind of wiring sify has in ur area. and i guess it would be outside on trees and polls. and with boxes with hubs and switches. can happen...
See if an older version of Easy Sify like v1.0 or v1.1 build 300 works