Problems in all alternate sify clients!

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easysify 1 was working fine for quite some time now. but recently i took two packages. i went to change the user id and pass word in easy sifybut it didnt. it has the userid and pass of my old account and i am unable to change it. i uninstalled and reinstalled it again but automatically the same userid and pass is i installed easysify 2. but it just refuses to login. i went through earlier topics and made teh changes in the mac address but to no use.i then downloaded supersify. it runs in the command prompt and ends saying "Please click on any key to exit" so i press anything it closes. so i cant even use that.i was rather happy with the old easysify. can someone please tell me how to change the userid and pass.
well u need to start supersify in a cmd window instead of direct execution so that it wont close start-->run-->cmd press enter then type supersify files destinationc:\supersify\supersify.exeand it wont exit when u press exit ..
well u were right ....super sify is working now....if someone can help me cure the easy sify problem would be grt!
First try clicking on save settings after changing the username if you didn't didn't earlier. There is a more extreme way...Note: This procedure involves editing the registry which could do serious damage to your computer if you don't know what you're doing.Press the windows key and click on Run. Type regedit and press enter. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\easysify v1.1There are some keys called username and password, double click on them to change their value.