Massive Wi-Fi throttling on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G purchased from Amazon India (September 2021 unit)

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for Rs. 36999 (33999 including HDFC Offer)

TL;DR from this thread

Amazon India sale is delivering units manufactured in India in September 2021 in this sale. This batch seems to have a lot of units that have a very unreliable Wi-Fi. It would connect fine and would stay fine for a while but after a while, it slows down considerably. Turning it off and on again would fix the issue temporarily. Resetting the phone does not fix it. If you have such a unit, you should instantly apply for a replacement or refund. XDA has a thread that has 2-3 other folks who got a unit with the same problem. There is also supposedly a Telegram group but I am not a member. There is also discussions on the official Samsung Community. One such thread.

Important stuff: For replacement, do not apply for it through the order page. It would force you to deal with a tech visit from an outsourced company which delays the process. In my case, the tech guy did not bother visiting me. Called me up on the phone and asked me to reset the phone and go through the entire process again and see if that fixed the issue and ping him later so that he can process a replacement. He ended up closing my complaint without confirming me first. Amazon chat support initiated another tech visit which added another two-day delay. Phone support told me that they cannot help me because of this active request in their system and I should contact them once it is over, and I am not satisfied with the resolution. So, use the phone support option. This seems to be a safe and the fastest way to get a replacement and maybe even a refund if replacement units are also affected by this problem.

One member of the forum has confirmed that the unit he got from an earlier stock does not suffer from this issue. XDA and a few other outlets do confirm that there have been a few isolated cases of this issue affecting the entire S20 series. It is just too hard to tell if this is a hardware based issue or a firmware based one.

I ended up applying for a refund. If you are not sure how to test out wi-fi stability, install an app like WiFiMan which continuously monitor wi-fi connection speed. Or just download a very large file (10GB File) and see if it stays at similar speed levels consistently. On my S10 Lite, it is stable while on Fe, it keeps on changing while placed at the same place at same distance from the wireless router. Upload connection speeds actually drop down to 6mbps regularly. In my opinion, this should not happen when power savings are disabled, screen is on, and the app accessing Wi-Fi modem is in foreground.
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Chat support suffice in most of the cases. But if your feel your issue is complicated, you can ask the chat guy to set up a call back. You will get one in few seconds.
yeah, i generally have pretty decent experience getting things processed from the chat support folks.
I have also ordered S20 FE 5G and got to know about the wifi issues from this forum. Waiting for the device to get deliver and see if it also has the same issue or not.
@Sushubh there is one dedicated Telegram group where many are having this issue.
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Got to know that this has heating and tint issues as well. I think I would compromise with the camera and settle for the 9R. lol
Tint issue is present in most of the budget high refresh rate displays.

so one guy who got his replacement just dmed me on xda and said that his replacement device has the same problem lol.

visit to my place is scheduled for tomorrow. again it is hard to show him the problem without warming the phone significantly and hoping that it does throttle in front of him. phone is rarely connecting/staying at 866mbps on ac1200 router even when i am like 3-4 feet away from the router. i doubt he would consider it an issue.

anyhoo... if all turns out well tomorrow, would probably try to get a refund now and wait for another phone to come into the scene in future. the september 2021 batch seems to be best ignored.

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