Minimum Kbps for using web cam

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Hi Friends,What is the minimum Kbps connection required for using web cam? I approached two different service providers (local area persons) for broadband connection. One person is promising that i can use cam with 64 kbps connection itself. Other person is stating that minimum 128 Kbps connection is required for using cam.Does anyone have any idea on this? Thanks in advance.Warm Regards,Desi
You can use any speed with a webcam, it even works with 14.4kbps modem. The faster the speed, the faster the webcam, but theoretically it will work on all speeds. So there is no minimum speed.
resurrected a year old thread !I also used to use the webcam on my 56 kbps samparkonline connection & it did work though the pic quality was not good.