MTNL Delhi New Plans - What about Mumbai?

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i think they looked at the amounts being downloaded and found out
its crazy to give NU plans
with upto 5Gb downloads per user/night

thats 1.5TB/month data if u look at it conservatively
there have been nights where i downloaded more than 5GB

5 * 30 = 150 GB /month not 1.5 TB / month
Well with the lowered down rates of the UL plans, MTNL may have to deal with higher bandwidth usage. For e.g., taking 256 UL plan.Since we are synced at 256kbps downstream, so lets suppose that we can at least get a constant download speed of 24KBps.Downloaded MBs per mintute : 24KB x 60secs = 1.4 MBDownloaded MBs per hour : 1.4MB x 60mins= 84MBDownloaded MBs per day : 84MB x 24hrs = 2016MB = 2GBDownloaded GBs per month : 2GB x 30days = 60GB*For 512 UL plan, we can double the figures: 60GB x 2 = 120GB**This calculation is of course talking into account that the user start his download from the 1st of the months and downloads non-stop till the end of the month.Obviously nobody going to download non-stop all month but that's what the stats show.Well, I'm shifting to 256UL Combo plan. Then at least I would be able to download from as it was impossible for me to wake up all night to download seperate parts of a file from it. Although I downloaded pretty much everything rom torrents, but sometimes, some things are only available on, how do i get my plan changed effectively? I want my UL plan to start as early as possible or atleast from the start on next month. Don't want MTNL guys to goof it up and me having to wait for another month for a plan change.
:dance:IF u r talking abt 256 plan and that too work on link-removed it wont work , link-removed got all files of 100 mb and more so it will take 1 hr to download it, so if u want to download 6 files it is 6 hrs , so to work with raidshare always stick to MTNL, seee in india we dont have any other choice by that , becaz more the downloasd more the speed u wantso stick to MTNL, , u need IDM and link-removed account just postpond all ur download at 12 o clock and it automatically shuts P.C also:dance:
Do we have to change the plan to the newer one, or they will automatically change the monthly bill ? well, the meaning of TriB_combo_unlimted and [FONT=&quot]TriB UL data– 256 combo are same, but the names are different, and software used for billing might not understand the similarity ?
if the names are different, then u've to ask them to migrate, otherwise you'll be billed as per ur old plan...
Finally got the plan changed to 512 kbps U/L , what a slow customer care , i had to wait 20 minutes to talk to a rep , they say it will be activated from 1st septhopefully speeds will be > 450 kbps

@manu1991yeah i've used this plan earlier. it gives a speed of about 450 dl and 375 ul Among the new plans introduced on 14th August 2008 512UL combo means an annual bill of about Rs. 20k and 256UL combo is an annual bill of Rs 12k everything inclusive (taxes rents etc. incld. n use around 200 calls p.m.) with my current plan 749NU my avg monthly bill in 2008 till now is about Rs 3277 p.m or Rs. 40k annual despite using the bridgemode+auto disconnect scripts!! after running up this bill I considered all factors (sleep/usage/cost/speed/habits etc.) n choices boiled down to trib 1199(20k p.a. bill) and 512ULcombo(20k p.a. bill) n 256ULcombo(12k p.a. bill). First, the threeconsiderations b/w 256ulcombo n 512ulcombo plan were 1. speed youtube videos (smooth video streaming) n frankly there isnt much diff in speed if u watch it on standard quality b/w the two plans, both play them smoothly. equal points to both plans for video streaming .2. money cost where 256 won hands down saving 8k p.a. over 512 plan. 3. Download - max 20-30 GB per month which is possible in both easily. overall as u can see 256 wins convincingly. so i was left with a comparison of 256 ul combo n 1199 combo .... here 1. peace of mind(no cap of 10gb) and 2. cost(rs. 12k for 256ulcombo and rs 20k for 1199combo) were more important for me than 3. speed(2mbps in 1199) so even tho i was going back to a plan i used 1 yr back 256UL combo is a great Value for money which gives complete peace of mind !! For me revised cost of 256 UL combo makes it win among the new plans 🙂
The 512 kbps plan is also a new one introduced today onlythe rent is 1299 per month with 500 calls and taking 1 call at 1 rupee , the cost for internet is 800 which seems good
hi manu im talking about new plans. and at the end of the day bank will deduct 1299 not 800. which is the REAL cash outflow 🙂
The 512 kbps plan is also a new one introduced today only

the rent is 1299 per month with 500 calls and taking 1 call at 1 rupee , the cost for internet is 800 which seems good

Its not a new plan, I am using 512 ul combo from 2 months, they have just reduced price and there is a big flaw with 512Kbps Unlm Plan. Every month around 12th or so Sync rate automatically changes to 256 and you have to get it changed by calling or emailing the sarkari babus.

Second go for 512 Kbps combo unlm and not just 512 kb unlm, (both r priced same)this way u get 500 free calls and your exsiting monthly rental gets waived off.