Mtnl Discouraging Gaming For Nu?

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nah i dont knw how to use photoshop dude and dont hav the time to support mtnl... if u see the time on the screenshot and the time i posted this u will understand!.... that screen shot is authentic..... if u want more proof i can show u teh video showing the same 🙂 😉reson for edit: typo! 🙁
dont worry my first post itself hinted that i am just raising doubts. i did say thatit may be different in ur exchange or something like that.for more proof u can simply give me ur telno/password 😛 lol
naaheven im on GOD its funplus i hav nu only n my plan name is also DSL_TRIB_59NU.n its shows in my page
Hey guys i m new in this forum .. i have a NU plan .. i used to get around 1.5 Mbps speed but its back to 256 since last week.. has MTNL changed plans 4 NU users.
u were never suposed to b changedNu speed is and was 256 kbpsMTNL changed all to 2mbit n than started changin back to 256 for Nu and AA planGo through the forum u"ll kno it more in detailbut still many nu user n u/l user in delhi r still on 2mbit!!!n yea welcome here maan
QUOTE(Amish @ Mar 4 2007, 07:37 AM) [snapback]82065[/snapback]
1 more photoshop expert?!![/b]

No dude in mumbai the name is different NU is reffered as DSL_TRIB_59NU or even DSL_TRIB_59N (in few cases), no photoshop used here..
I am in Mumbai too and I had NU too just few days back. But my planname was different, DSL_TRIB_RS_590NU.Anyway doesnt make any difference.