MTNL Mobile: Number Suspended!

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MTNL Xpress Non-combo 650 Unltd.
Since the last couple of days, When I try dialling my mobile from any other cell/landline, I get the message that (My) number has been temporarily suspended. I am also not able to call/message from my cell, nor can I receive messages on the cell. I cannot even check my balance (Though I know it has not run out...around 80 bucks is left.) Due to this my cell is basically useless for calling/messages. In the afternoon 2 days back I had sent some messages and browsed on GPRS for around 5 minutes successfully, but by evening I was getting the Temporarily suspended message. I dont know why this is happening. Can anyody enlighten me, please!This is the first time I am facing this problem. What should I do? Whom should I approach? My provider is Prepaid MTNL Dolphin/Trump from Mumbai.
maybe mtnl failed to verify ur address...
The number has been with me for around a year now and working just fine till 2 days ago. Also the day it stopped working It was working till the afternoon that day. And even today, I was able to access teh GPRS network. But other functions are not working. Also, no one has come to verify the address as far as i know. ANy idea what I should i do?
i think the telecom companies are now supposed to verify the address of cell phone owners every couple of months. u can try cehcking with the customer care of the service...
So if they dont verify, then my number gets suspended without any warning or fault on my part?? how shitty is that!
first. this is not confirmed. i am just speculating that this might have happened. companies have their own issues. they are under pressure from regulatory bodies to disable the connections which are registered from fake addresses. 😛

Yeh kya jhanjaat lag gayi mujhe! So how do I solve this problem? Does anybody know the helpline numbers where i can call?
Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that people post such problems to these forums without even contacting customer service?!?!?
no vebmetal you're definitely not a weirdo....i too think the same 😛 Its a simple matter of dialing 1503 from his cell / landline and talking to the CC 😛